As an East Anglian craftsman in wood I am keeping alive a specialised trade with a long tradition. Each piece that I create receives my individual attention from initial commission and concept to completion.

I am passionate about making beautiful and individual pieces. Commissions have included tables, chairs, beds, blanket boxes and chest of drawers. I also specialise in designing, building and installing bespoke kitchens. I enjoy creating other special and personal pieces such as jewellery boxes.

To achieve this it is my preference to work with English hardwoods and to use traditional techniques such as hand cut dovetail joints on drawers. I find the creative process very enjoyable. Hand-tools are an important part of this process which often leaves me ankle deep in shavings as I shape chair parts with spoke shaves or plane tables with hand planes.


The furniture that I design and create is all traditionally hand built primarily from English hardwoods. My aim is always to select and display the wood at its best. My portfolio includes: Tables, Chairs, Chests of Drawers, Beds, Bookcases, Benches and Cupboards.


I have a passion for designing and creating kitchens. I worked in the catering industry in my earlier years which has given me a greater understanding of the requirements for a kitchen to work.

My aim is to create a kitchen that will stand the test of time and to achieve this I use traditional techniques and solid woods. I work in close collaboration with my clients to make unique kitchens. All the kitchens that I create are individual therefore no two kitchens will ever be the same. I am not constrained by standard sized units just the size of your kitchen.

My portfolio includes: Whole fitted kitchens, Dressers, Islands, Kitchen Tables, Plate Racks and Cupboards.


I have always enjoyed making boxes and one of my apprentice projects still holds many of the tools which I use on a daily basis. Making boxes also gives me a chance to play.

My portfolio includes: Jewellery boxes, Toy chests, Blanket Boxes, Tool Boxes and Display boxes.